Heidi Wright
Animal Communicator, Author, TV Personality
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Testimonials about Heidi's work & abilities.........                   

Heidi Wright has now worked with hundreds of animals from 23 countries.With each and every client, she strives to make a close connection with the  animal, and have her clients thanking her.  She has proven her abilities time and again with clients over the years and in doing the TV shows in Japan, Korea, in addition to appearances on TV shows in Ireland, Belgium, and the USA.  The following are just some of the letters of thanks and excerpts from emails that Heidi has on file.

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Thanks you so much, Heidi.
You are truly beautiful person with beautiful mind, no wonder so many people
trust and follow you.
I cannot thank you enough.

J. Yu

(Emailed November 2015)

Dear Heidi,

We received your e-mail very well.  Thank you so much for your efforts with [our dog].
We really admire your work and appreciate it.  We were so happy to hear that he is doing
very well in the other world.  As I am reading down your notes, it gives me goosebumps
because every single description was all true.
Thank you so much again and take care.

B. Min
(South Korea)

(From e-mail  October 25, 2015)


Dear. Heidi   

I received your email well and read the notes.
Thank you so much for your reading with Maru.

I can’t find the words to thank you.

Thank you so much for your reading and help again!!



W. Moon

(Excerpts from email  March 2013)

Hi Heidi,

I was glad to know about [my cat's] thoughts through your connection with her.
Also, I must tell you that my husband visited the foster home some time ago and, to our surprise, she did not hide or hiss at all, but lingered around my husband while looking at him.

I'm very happy to find such positive changes and I'd like to express my gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you all the best in your life and again, thank you very much for your help.


B. Kim

(October 2012)

Dear Heidi,

Thank you for communicating with (my cat).

I can't express my appreciation.

I cried when i read the email, and also crying now.

I learned that death can't separate love between us.

Thank you for your noble work, it really heals people & animals.

Thank you so much!!

E. Kim 
South Korea]

September 2012


June 2012

Heidi -
we would like to say THANK YOU again for your session with (out animals).
we feel relief and it's a nice feeling to know how (he) feels and thinks as always.
we will try to work with your recommendations and try find the right treatment for (him).
and my mom would also say big thanks to you.

so we will be in japan in august for a year, if you ever happen to come to aizu in fukushima,
your very welcome to visit us.

best regards

n.h.  Amsterdam, Netherlands

        Aizu, Fukushima, Japan


My wife and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation and thank you for your time, patience, understanding, and ability to communicate to [our dog].  We are fortunate that God has bless you with the gift of animal communication and that you have chosen to share and use your gift to give peace and understanding to us.

During the call, my and wife were in tears hearing [our dog's] words through you. We were both very nervous to talk and hear from [our dog] but as the call continue, we were very comfortable communicating through you to [him].  We felt [him] giving peace and understanding to us.


K.P. &  M. P.
April, 2012



Thank you so much!!
I know i pushed many times..Now I can understand (my dog) better~~
Thank you again.
You are the best!!

(December 1, 2011)


(excerpts from email)


Dear, Heidi


Thank you for the reading with [my dog] and some advices about reincarnation. ....


Thank you, you are so kind. I can feel your careful attention from your detailed experience and explanation. ....


Thank you for your help.

It will be nice if your book to be published in Korea.

Anyway I hope you to be happy always.


With many thanks,


(South Korea  2011)


Dear Heidi,
Your reading was so accurate in many ways that I am surprised even tough I already knew and trusted your ability very well as I have seen in many Japanese and Korean TV Shows.  My sincere thank-you to you.
Once again, thank you for all your wonderful work and caring heart.  Many friends of mine are expecting to hear [my cat's] reading and they'll be surprised that you got many details so correctly.
Sue H.  &  [cat]

(October 2011)


Dear Heidi,


It was sooo wonderful to connect with you by phone, last week.    Again, my profoundest gratitude for your incredibly insightful help on our (Jack and mine) respective journeys.


And thank you, also, so much, for checking in with [my cats], and for your findings.   As busy and popular as you are, you were surely going above and beyond the call of duty -- which, I believe, you regularly do ....


With deepest gratitude and blessings,

Amy F.


Arizona, USA    (October 2011)

Dear Heidi,

Thank you so much Heidi for today and taking your time for us for a long time.
I told my mum about what you told me about pinky, my mum was very happy and relief to know about pinky's thoughts through you.
We allready feel like pinky has calmed down slightly, probably because we all feel a huge relief thanks to you.
Thank you again and i hope you can meet and help many animals while you are in Japan.  My mom also would like to say thank you for your time.
Have a safe trip,
Naomi H.


(July 2011)


THANK YOU so much for an amazing weekend [Animal Communication Workshop]!  There are truly not enough words to thank you for your generosity of spirit and for a magical weekend.  You've awakened my spirit for connecting with animals and also, as an artist I have been more inspired with my work since the workshop.  Most importantly, thank you for sharing your gift with us.  You are a great teacher.  Everything I've been trying to learn from books, you succinctly summarized and taught, effectively showing me that I can do this!  For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I also appreciated all the practical advice you gave us for tuning into our animal friends immediately.  You have a  beautiful, warm energy and I also love your sense of humor which made for a very fun, laughter-filled weekend.  To anyone out there who is contemplating a workshop with Heidi, just do it!  You won't regret it.


With love and hugs

Jackie C.


(Australia  May 2011)


Dear Heidi,

Thank you so much for the reading with my cats.  They both behaved very well with the cat sitter while I had to travel for work.  She reported that they stayed near home, and did other things that they were asked to do during your sessions.  They also really acted like they understood about my having to travel for work.
Thank you so much again!

Natalie G.
Los Angeles, CA

Dearest Heidi,

          Sorry I could not get this picture off to you sooner.  (We moved and have been
packing and unpacking).  I finally found some pictures.  I am 84 years old, so it has been many years
since I was in Our Gang (Little Rascals).  This photo was taken in 1922 or '23.  I was little Mary.

          I wanted to thank you again for your help in finding (my pet poodle) Jodie!  I feel that you were
very much close to Jodie when you told me about the old trailer park.   We found her in the trailer park,
and many of the details you saw were correct.  Jodie is doing great, and I don't let her out of my sight.

Thank you so much.  God bless you.

                    Ray, Thelma, and Jodie Neel
                    Redding, California

                    June 2004


{Heidi's note:  Don't give up on lost or stolen pets!  Jodie was stolen from the Neel's car when they
stopped for just a few minutes at a corner store in Redding, California.  Jodie was 11 years old and had
been with Thelma since she was a new puppy.   Thelma and her husband were literally sick over the loss.  I kept in contact with them, and told them I felt Jodie was still alive.  I got a lot of clues  but could not get an
address.  They did not give up looking for her.   Nearly one month later, Mrs. Neel's neice found Jodie in
the front yard of a place matching what Jodie had described to me.  Thank goodness her neice had the
courage scoop Jodie up in her arms and to tell the captors, 'This is my aunt's dog and I am not leaving
without her.   I will wait here if you want to call the police!"  

They decided to let Jodie go back home.}


I have worked with Heidi Wright on numerous occasions with my cat (Oakley) for clarity
and support with
obstacles in our connections.  Her skill and intuitive capacity supported us
in clearing and understanding our
relationship.  Heidi was able to describe situations, emotions, persons,
and  items right down to the placement
of a doily on a dresser.  I highly recommend Heidi
for anyone who would like help with their animal companions. 

Dr. Lisa Harnett, D.C.
Fulfilled Living Wellness Center
Albany, CA


This is a letter of recommendation for Heidi Wright.

I worked with Heidi when we took Silva Method training in 1999.

At the end of the training, each person works a "case".  Her accuarcy and descriptions of persons and physical conditions was verified at about 90%!

Since then, she has undergone Reiki training, and I have experienced her abilities in this area.
She is very effective.

A short time ago, I phoned Heidi because my friend's dog was having health problems that the Vet
could not explain.  Although Heidi had not met my friend or the dog, she accurately described situations, and even room furnishings where the dog lives.  She accurately described the persons and living situations.

She was able to give insight into the problems to help improve the dog's health.  This also was beneficial to the humans involved.

I would recommend Heidi as an Animal Communicator and as a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Diane  M.  
Butte County, California    


I have  seen the depth of Heidi Wright's  abilities as an animal communicator, and she was a tremendous help to me and my mare after the mare was in a bad situation with a certain trainer.  Heidi helped ease the transition back to our home, explained the misunderstanding, explained to the mare what was going on when we took her home from the training facility, and the mare returned to her normal personality very quickly.

I have known Heidi for several years, and she is a good honest person.

I would also recommend Heidi as a Reiki Master Practitioner.  My mare got her foot caught in some
wire, and the injury prevented her from being ridden and her training was delayed.  I asked Heidi to do some reiki treatments on the leg and foot, and the injury healed in days instead of weeks as the veterinarian had expected. 

 Klamath Falls, Oregon


I met Heidi Wright in March of 2003 when she came to look at a horse I had for sale.  During the visit she accurately picked up on information from my horses, and later from my dogs.  She was able to described persons based on information she got from the animals.  When my St. Bernard puppy went missing,  I called
Heidi for help.  I have recommended her to my friends.

J. Martin

Bonanza, Oregon


All of this is great news. It is so crazy on how we are on the same page! I also do Akashic Record readings mostly for humans, and I am confident in my ability. But not when it includes Tucker or myself. It is so difficult for me to remove my self and concentrate to give a reading that I would trust. But I have been keeping my readings for him in writing. Parts of them conenside with your information. I just knew you would be able to help and you have. All of the above is just a little side bar to let you know that you have encouraged me to have hope, that I am helpful to him, and I am not a useless mess. I am more positive and have restored my faith and strength.
You have given much more and I cant thank you enough!
C. Goldman -- Illinois
Hi Heidi!
I guess I want to say that I always felt so grateful for the hours and hours I know you put in working with me last time to find Buddy (my cat).  You are such an Angel.  Thank you again for all of your love and concern during that time in my life.  It meant so very much to me.
Thank you, and love and light and blessings to you.
L. Anderson, Baja  Mexico
Hi Heidi,
Thanks for the reading on Saturday.  It really helped to bring some understanding and peace to my heart about Lucy's leaving....You are a great reader and animal communicator!  You are quite gifted... 
Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!
A. O'Neil      Redding, California 
I met Heidi Wright when she came to look at a horse we had for sale in Roseburg, Oregon.  She spent a lot of time with the horse (hours) while waiting to ride it.  I saw her quickly bond with the horse, although this horse  does not quickly take to strangers.  When it came to ride, the horse started acting up as he never had before.  Heidi got on the horse, and he got very jumpy.  His head went up, the ears were pinned, and the rump arched.  She quickly got off, and I could see she was frightened.  She told me that the horse was about to buck her off.  She then (reluctantly) said that she was an animal communicator, and related that the horse did not want to be sold.  She said that when she sat in the saddle the horse said, "Get off!!"  
The most surprising part was that just moments after this horse was about to buck her off, he again came right up to Heidi, and put his head against her body, completely giving to her, and was his calm normal self again.  I heard Heidi say to the horse, "No, I'm not mad at you...but you could have just been rude, you didn't have to scare the crap out of me."  Then Heidi chuckled.  I asked what the horse had told her, and Heidi said he replied, "Yes I did (have to scare you)."  Heidi then related a lot of information that she could not have known about the horse's living situation, and the kids that ride him.  We were very surprised.   The horse's behavior matched what she said she heard.
T. Daniels    
Glide, Oregon
[These are excerpts from a generous 3 page letter.   Heidi has had thehone to work with the McGinley's on five occasions now.]
This letter is in reference to Heidi Wright and out experience with her through Critter Connections.  We found Heidi through an internet search and after reading several other biographies, decided that she was the one for us.  She immediately put us at ease and there was no doubt that we had made the right choice.

     We were both pleasantly surprised by how quickly she was able to get started, once she received the information she needed from us.She spent [all the time needed] with us that evening, and by the time we said goodbye, we felt like we had been given a special peek into the lives of our dogs, and much to our surprise, our cat!
     Since talking to Heidi, our dogs have been doing terrific.  We are so grateful to Heidi for the insight that she has given us with our animals.  She was very open with suggestions of how we can communicate better with them
ourselfs and made us feel very comfortable about returning to her if more questions.
     It is immediately recognizable to us when we meet people who love their jobs and care about the way their clients feel when their experience is over.  Heidi is definitely one of those special people and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with her again.
K. & J. McGinley    
--Camp Hill, PA 
Hi Heidi,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you!!  I really feel so much closer to Precious (horse) now! You helped me so much with understanding the way she thinks and you helped her with the way I think!  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!  Precious just seems so happy since the session! 
I just wanted to let you know!  I hope you are having a great weekend.
Blessings,   Carolyn A.   

Hello Heidi,

I wanted to thank you so much for working with me with (my cat) Pookee.
You helped me validate some of the feelings, thoughts I had observed of her.
We talked about hosting something here in CA. I would love to have you come
and open some minds of folks here.

Meanwhile, I am wondering if you would work with me individually to assist me to
further my communcations with animals. I will work on what you have suggested thus far and perhaps we can see how I am progressing?
Again many thanks and blessings,

L.N.  & 'Pookee'  
--Vallejo, CA   
Thank you, Heidi.     I took [my horse] for a walk on the road, and he was much calmer.  You were right about the sore spot on his back...it was right where you described.  We are working on getting a better saddle fit for him now. And thank you for all the information about alternative treatments.
 -- Australia
Heidi:     You have been through so much to help Theo, and I so appreciate it.
Around 3: 30 PM (my time, Central Time) my friend came to fix my door, and my dog was wild--bolting up trying to block my friend and play. I couldn't believe it; yesterday, he woke up every 10 minutes and cried--it was such a relief to see him wanting to play.

I cannot believe how many things you said that were so clearly true.
You have given me an incredible gift. 
Thank you beyond belief.

N. B.


Heidi Wright's  instant ability to access the quantum holography (pictures, emotions, memories, behavior) of the animals was just astounding. As a former police officer, Heidi not only had the courage and integrity to trust her instincts and defend the innocent, she has years of on-the-job training in investigation skills built on both cognitive and intuitive data.  I've repeatedly witnessed her receiving telepathic information from animals with remarkable clarity, and I've seen the guardians of the animals confirm her every detail.  I so trust Heidi's intuitive ability and her eloquent communication skills, I highly recommend her to my clients in need. 

A. K.
Los Angeles, CA    December 2001