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Animal Communicator, Author, TV Personality
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Informed Consent


By making an appointment for a consultation, the client acknowledges and accepts the following
information and conditions AND release of liability:

1) You are hiring Heidi Wright as a consultant.  It us understood that Heidi will do her best to help you communicate with your animal and will share all pertinent information.   Heidi never claims to be perfect and cannot guarantee you that she will tell you what you want to hear, that you will be able to validate or identify every single thing in her reading, or that her reading notes will be perfect.   She will be honest about what information she receives during sessions, and does her best to please clients.   

2) It is understood that Heidi Wright is NOT a veterinarian, herbalist, medical doctor, dog trainer, etc., and makes no such claims.    Consultations include her opinions, what she perceives using her intuition, and is based upon her years of study and experience as an animal caregiver and communicator.   Her consultations are in no way intended or recommended to be used in place of traditional veterinary care. 

3) Heidi always recommends consulting licensed professionals in each field, such as veterinary care, animal massage, herbal treatments, animal trainers, etc.   Any advice she offers is based upon those years of experience and are only offered based upon her personal experience.    While Heidi can communicate with animals, real world reinforcement with good training is always recommended.  

4) YOU, the human client, are ultimately responsible for your animal's care, treatment, and life.  Heidi can only tell you what she sees, or doesn't see during her consultations.   Medical intuition ( looking at the state of animal's health), like any intuitive consultation, is only intended as a complimentary tool to be used along with traditional veterinary medical testing and treatment. 

5) Client agrees to inform Heidi or her assistant if there are changes in the animal's condition as soon as it is known to the client.    If the animal passes away (dies), Heidi is still able to communicate with the spirit of that animal.  If you do not believe in this ability (called Mediumship), then please cancel your appointment if your animal should pass away before you receive the reading notes. 

6) Consultations are considered private communications between Heidi Wright and the client.
The results of consultations and contents of clients files are considered private and identities will not be shared.  However, Heidi may use the stories of animals she works with in future publications, and  Identities will only be revealed with consent of the client.

Likewise, it is agreed that the contents of Heidi's consultations will NOT be published in any form or format (digital, blog, etc.) in any country or attributed to her without her prior expressed written consent.  Publication of any contents of any consultation is a violation of copyright.

7) No refunds will be guaranteed after the work is done and the reading notes are sent.  If you cancel
the reading before  Heidi spends hours working on your case, of course we can discuss a refund.

Cients acknowledge that  there are preparations made to create client files, exchange emails with clients, return phone calls, print photos, etc., before Heidi does her readings.   If you cancel your reading after we have already created your file, there will be a $30 non-refundable office fee.   We will hold on to your case file and, should you wish to reschedule at a later date, that $30 will be credited towards your next consultation.

8)  Appointments, canceled appointments, and no-shows:

Please see terms and conditions here:

If we set up and confirm a phone appointment, and you are not there, or you do not request to reschedule at least 24 hours prior to the set session, you will be charged a $40 rescheduling fee.  Likewise, if for some reason Heidi is not able to make the appointment and is unable to advise you of that at least 24 hours prior to the set appointment, she will credit you $40.  Reading notes can be emailed upon request.

If you set up and confirm a house or barn call and you are not there,  or are unavailable when Heidi arrives,  you will be charged travel fees in addition to a minimum of $100 for the reserved time.  We will do our best to work with clients, and are happy to make adjustments, but you do need to communicate with us. 

You may make phone inquiries or notifications at +1 (530)640-0686 (Pacific Time).

You may mail inquiries to:

Heidi Wright
PO Box 482
Malin, OR 97632

By purchasing a consultation and agreeing to these terms and conditions, YOU the client,  also hereby release and hold harmless Heidi Wright, her associates and/or their agents, from liability due to accident or damage to self or animal, and/or personal property, and from loss of property resulting during or after said consultation or workshop in the following of any suggestions, information, instruction or advice given by Heidi Wright, her staff,  and/or her agents.

You as owner, or agent of the owner, agree to have this consultation for animal(s) and by your payment of and participation in said consultation, give consent and agree to adhere to all terms of this agreement and release form above.

For missing animals:

NOTE:  Update as of April 20, 2012 -- Heidi is not taking on missing animal cases at this time.

Informed Consent:

Before Heidi will take on a tracking case, she requires
that you acknowledge and accept the terms of Informed Consent below:
1) You are hiring Heidi Wright as a consultant.  It is understood that Heidi
    will do her best to help you communicate with your missing animal
    and find clues to their whereabouts or what happened.
2) The fee for tracking a missing animal is for one session only.
    This session includes Heidi's preliminary sessions on her own time
    in addition to the phone session or emailed reading with the client.
    If the reading is emailed, follow up or clarifying questions are allowed.
3) Any additional sessions, questions, or consultations require booking
    a new session and require more fees.
4) There is no guarantee that Heidi will be able to locate the exact
    location of the animal.  She will share with you any and all information
    she perceives/receives, but will not guarantee she can locate the
    animal, the body, or convince a runaway animal to return home to you.