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Animal Communicator, Author, TV Personality
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Fees &  Information.........

Under the Consultations link, there are more details about consultations, exactly how Heidi works, and what to expect.

 Please note -- due to the volume of requests for Heidi's consultations, there is currently a waiting list.  We try to update this site, but the waiting time might vary from 2-8 weeks. Please ask if this is an issue, and we will reply as soon as possible with the current waiting period.   There are five methods to contact Heidi on the Contact page (link on the left side of this page). 
She can not do as many readings when she is traveling and teaching, and she spends as much time as is needed with each and every animal, that is why we
estimate the waiting time.
  Her schedule is posted on the Upcoming Workshops page. 
We thank you for understanding.

Before booking any consultation, please take a moment to click on the 'Informed Consent' link on the left of your screen.  By purchasing any service you agree to the terms and conditions of Informed Consent.
You are hiring Heidi as a Consultant, she never claims to be perfect, and won't guarantee she will tell you what you want to hear.      


Fees for standard consultations are $225 for the first animal, and discounts are automatically applied in the Shopping Cart if ordering more animals at the same time.   Please note that this is a flat rate, not an hourly rate.  Heidi spends as much time as needed with each and every animal and always allows the animals to talk if they wish.    

Please note that if a client orders for multiple animals, Heidi prefers to have all the animals done before she sends the notes to the client.  

Fees for Lost Animals / Tracking cases are $350*  per animal, the fees cover just the intial session, ~ AND~  require acceptance of informed consent  before  Heidi will take on the case.   Tracking lost animals is very time consuming, requires an average of 40 questions
.   Due to volume of requests and the waiting list for Heidi's consultations she is NOT taking on any lost animal cases at this time. 

 -- ALL consultations include Heidi's preliminary sessions with your animal covering up to 7 single part questions, or issues you wish to focus on, and/or the phone session with you where you go over the info received.  (Heidi will have spent as much time as needed with your animal before she ever gets on the phone with you.) For international clients, we use Skype. If you prefer to have your reading emailed, that is fine too.  NOTE - Due to experience, Heidi will not normally send her notes before a phone session, as inevitably the client asks many more new or additional questions once they get on the phone.  Again, Heidi does not want to push her business on anyone, but she needs to place some limitations on her work as she only charges a flat fee, not by the hour. We thank you for your understanding.  

--Please limit the list of seven questions to seven single part questions
Heidi appreciates that you love your animal and wish to know all you can, but in an effort to keep her fees affordable, she has set flat fees for consultations rather than charging by the hour, so she is free to spend as much time and or do as many sessions she feels is necessary for each individual animal. She often asks the animals many more questions when she does readings, this is why  she limits your list of questions to seven. Once Heidi is communicating with your animal, if that animal mentions other things, Heidi will work on that too.  Heidi will never tell an animal not to talk about something simply because it is not on your list and always listens to your animal as best she can.  If you wish to ask more than 7 questions, please book for two animals, and use those 14 questions for the extended session. 
    --Heidi will usually ask many more questions on her own, this is why she
      asks clients to limit their original list to seven (7).
    --If you send multi-part questions, you will be asked to shorten the
    list or submit additional fees for an extended session. 
    -- Please note that if you wish to convey messages to your animal,
    that is fine, those are to be included in the original 7 questions / messages.
    If you send questions, and then also send messages to convey,
    you may be asked to shorten the messages or the questions, or
    submit fees for the additional work.  However, if you send a long message to 
    convey, you will still need to limit this as it is not open ended.

    When clients send multi-part questions,  they are screened and separated
    to be sure to cover all the client asks.  For example, if you ask 'what makes
    your animal happiest and saddest', this is actually two questions, and Heidi
    will have to ask the animal what makes them happiest, and then ask what
    makes them saddest'.  This is why we ask for single issue questions or
    messages and screen them.   

Adding questions and or future consultations trigger new fees.-- If you need something in the reading notes clarified, that is fine, but new or additional questions trigger more fees.  Each animal requires separate fees.

For multiple animals scheduled from the same client at the same time, we will 
allow  more time
for the phone session if one is requested.    Heidi is happy to share her session notes with clients after a phone session, but cannot do double the work by sending the session notes and then also doing a phone session. 

Heidi tries to triage consultations based upon the urgency of the case, the order       they came in, and if
fees have been received.    
     Update Due to the number of requests, readings are placed on the
     waiting  list in the order fees are received.

You may send payment in the post (mail) , or use your credit card via paypal.

Personal checks are gladly accepted, and do not delay the date work
begins. If you send an email request and let us know a check is on the
way, we will put you on the list from the date of the original request.


The fees for Reiki sessions alone are $50 per animal per session. 

Each Reiki session lasts 30-60 minutes, and may be done at a distance as well.  Reiki is a subtle energy healing method that is a complimentary treatment.   While in some cases there is an immediate and visible reaction and benefit to the sessions, for some people and animals the treatment effects are more gradual.   Reiki is helpful for healing after surgery or injury, helpful with pain management, and with emotional issues.  Reiki can be used with any other treatment.

Please remember that reiki is a complimentary treatment and can not replace veterinary or doctor care.  Heidi always recommends you ask your Veterinarian about any treatment.

Animal Blessings:
Heidi Wright is an ordained minister, and will offer and extend animal blessings upon the request of the client.  She works based on the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi.  Animal blessings are included with a full consultation, and with all reiki sessions.  If you wish to have an animal blessing alone, the fee is $18 and is donated to your local animal shelter Simply send us a copy or photo of the donation showing the name of the shelter.   If a client sends this $18 fee to Heidi, she make the donation to one of her local shelters.   

House Calls:
Heidi will make house or barn calls, but needs to charge travel fees.  Travel fees vary based upon the distance to travel, the price of gas, etc.  If you are within driving distance, travel fees are normally charged at $1 per mile round trip. ( Our vet charges much more for house calls!)   Travel fees will be agreed upon ahead of time, and need to be paid for prior to the call or upon arrival.

If you wish Heidi to make a house or barn call that requires her to do more extensive travel, she charges $300 per day for travel fees, plus expenses (hotel, flights, etc.)  Please understand that  when she is traveling (driving, going through customs, etc.) she is not able to do readings, consultations, or tutoring.  This would be agreed upon ahead of time, and may be negotiated on a case by case basis.

You may check the 'Schedule' or 'Upcoming Workshops' pages for details, dates, locations, and tuition fees.  The links are on the tabs on the left side of this page.  Please see the 'Workshops' page (tab on left of this page) more information about workshops and what is needed to host one. 

Private Tutoring:
The fees for private tutoring are $250 per session. Private tutoring includes lessons and exercises assigned to be studied on your own before the phone session, one-on-one personal instruction via email and during the phone session, and up to one hour on the phone or in person.

Private tutoring can also be arranged for an all-day session.  The all day sessions would be no longer than 6 hours of instruction time, as this work takes a lot of energy from both Heidi and students.  For these appointments there is a day - rate discount, and she may need to charge travel fees.    Please contact us for arrangements.

Lectures or Speaking Engagements:
These vary based upon the location and duration of the presentation desired.  The usual minimal fee is $20 per person per hour, but this varies.  Please contact us for further details. 

Private Parties & Workshops
Heidi will work private parties.  The rates vary based upon the number of attendees, the number of animals to read, and the location.  Please contact us for details.  If Heidi is in your area, she may be available without having to charge for travel fees.  Please check the schedule page to see if she is going to be in your area.  

Before you will be 'put in line' or added to the list of waiting clients, fees must be received.  If you are sending a check in the mail, simply let us know and we will put you on the list and let you know when payment is delivered.  If you send a payment in the mail, it must be received before work begins with your animal.  Fees will never be spent before the work is done.  If you communicate with us, we will happily work with you in your situation.  We thank you for your understanding. 
If you wish to mail questions, photos, and a personal check or money order, that is fine. Personal checks are acceptable, and we do not delay working with your animal. We just need to have a good faith effort on your part before work begins.  Payment is in U.S. Dollars.

We will happily return photos to you if you wish.  You may mail payment to the address listed below.   You will be notified that your letter was received, and the session will be scheduled soon after.

We do take payments via PayPal, either from your bank account or from a credit card.

~ ~Please note:  due to the volume of requests for Heidi's readings, even 'emergency' or urgent cases might not be able to be taken on immediately.  If Heidi is traveling to teach workshops or make appearances, she will NOT be available during that time.  Please check the Upcoming Workshops page link on the left of your screen to see if she is traveling.   Note:  if she is teaching a workshop, she will be traveling before and after the workshop dates. ~~

If you wish to schedule a consultation or contact Heidi about doing a workshop in your area, please use the form on the contact link,  or write to her at the address below:


                   Heidi Wright

                   PO Box 482

                   Malin, Oregon   97632    USA

                   e-mail:  Please use the 'Contact' page
   e-mail: info@CritterConnections.net
                   Phone: +1 (530) 640-0686
                   Skype ID: acheidiwright

Please note:  If you use the form on the contact page, there should be no problem reaching Heidi.   We do sometimes have issues with emails going through foreign networks, this is why we provide five methods to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.  Heidi is in the Pacific Time zone, and will not answer the phone if she is in a session with a client,  or working on an animal case. This allows each client to get her undivided attention.  Please check the schedule page to see if she is traveling to a city near you.  If Heidi is traveling, that will of course delay her answering emails and questions.  She has a part time assistant, but the assistant also gets time off.  But be assured, we do answer each email and letter she receives. 

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