Heidi Wright
Animal Communicator, Author, TV Personality
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Some of the clients Heidi has worked with.........

This is Tsyoshi, the Sun Bear.  I was honored to meet him in Japan in 2007.

This little fawn came up to me at the SPCA sanctuary in Michigan.  
She gently licked my nose!

Lessa, the English Springer Spaniel in her winter coat.

The tan colored mare is named Yuko.  She is a pony I met in Japan in 2006.

The two white Peking ducks in this shot are the real ducks featured the story titled 'Where Are My Ducks?  in Chapter 3 of  'The Language of Miracles' by Amelia Kinkade.    For those of you that have read the story, the bachelors are in the background.

Our lovely "Grandma", the Light Brahma chicken that was with us for 10 years.   She is missed.