Heidi Wright
Animal Communicator, Author, TV Personality
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Client Intake Form
This is for clients that have already ordered a consultation.
Please fill out this form so that the information is ready for Heidi when she is ready to work with your animal(s).  Please note that there is a waiting list, and Heidi will get to your case just as soon as possible, so we like to have the information ready.   Please photos as attachments to email at info@CritterConnections.net, and please be sure to give your name in the email. 

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If you would like to have a phone session with Heidi, we try to set that up ahead of time. If you have a phone session, international clients will need to have Skype.  If you prefer Heidi to email you her notes when she is finished working with your animal(s) and not have a phone session, she is happy to do this. All clients may receive her emailed notes. 

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(If you want a phone session, notes will be emailed after you have talked with Heidi.) 
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Please send your list of up to 7 single issue questions, or the issues that you wish Heidi to focus on.  If you have requested consultations for several animals, please fill out and submit this form for each animal.  Your assistance is appreciated.  Please note - Heidi usually asks the animals more questions on her own during her sessions, and she only charges a flat fee, so this is why we limit the original list to only seven.  If you would like a longer session, simply order for two (or three) animals.  

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If you have asked questions about human family members, or if there is other information you feel Heidi needs to know, please add that below.

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