Heidi Wright
Animal Communicator, Author, TV Personality
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About  Heidi Wright........

Heidi Wright's Critter Connections

Animal Communicator & Reiki Master

The early years... 

Heidi grew up in the small town of Gridley in northern California, like any other normal person.  Heidi attended Gridley High School and, in addition to cheerleading she competed in tennis, basketball, and track & field.   She also was involved with music, and was a member of the school band for 8 years  thru grade school and high school.  She played the flute, piccolo, tenor sax, and alto sax.  She choreographed half time shows for the marching band.  She was awarded the John Philip Souza Band award and the  Marine Corps Semper Fidelis award for her musical accomplishments.  Also a scholar, Heidi was the class Salutatorian and a life member of the California Scholarship Federation.  Heidi studied journalism and worked on newspaper production for two years as a reporter and editor.   She won a statewide competition for  Press Conference Journalism. 


Heidi went on to college and joined the ladies track team.  Heidi was the league champion in both discus and shot put, and also competed in 110m sprint and javelin.  She set a new school record in the ladies shot put, and earned silver and bronze medals in the State Small College championships.   She worked her way thru college as a seasonal fire fighter for the US Forest Service, and as a professional baseball umpire.      


After graduating from College, Heidi worked as a Wildlife Aid for the California Department of Fish & Game, and then became a California Highway Patrol Officer.  She won silver and bronze medals at the California Police Olympics.  In 1994 she was named the Hayward Area  CHP Officer of the Year, and was awarded the American Legion Medal of Valor. 


While in the east bay area, she had the camera crew from the Fox  TV reality show "Real Stories of the Highway Patrol"  ride with her on numerous occasions, and was featured on the show several times.   She was the first female officer to work in Tracy, Alturas, and the Tulelake resident post.   She was disability retired from the CHP  after 13 years of service.   After retiring from the CHP,  Heidi home schooled her son and become an advocate for educational rights.  She remained active  in the community, having  coached boys little league, was a local contact for the California Homeschool Network,  and as  a  4-H leader and council member.   


When Heidi finds some free time,  she writes poetry, magazine articles, and local sports news, edits manuscripts, reads (everything), collects old and rare books, writes book reviews,  and creates paintings  in the folk art style.   She has won awards for her paintings and poems.   Heidi also loves music,  plays instruments, and has been known to sing when she drives.  She lives on a small farm on the California - Oregon border.  Her animal friends include  dogs, horses,  cats, chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, quail, and other wildlife and lost pets that come to visit. 

Heidi the Psychic...
Heidi recalls having intuitive and telepathic abilities from childhood.  Heidi's first career was in law enforcement. It was there she was told to listen to her "gut instinct".  She used her intuition to stay safe and also to investigate cases.  In 1994 she studied and trained with Jack Schwartz  (of the A.L.E.T.H.I.A. Institute) to improve  her intuitive skills.  She became aware of her empathic, telepathic, and clairvoyant abilities while working road patrol, and quietly worked to cultivate and improve those gifts.  After more than 13 years as a California Highway Patrol Officer, she was injured on duty and retired.  After retirement she continued to read and study about alternative healing methods and psychic phenomena.   She received and graduated training in the Silva Method.  At the end of her Silva training she demonstrated an extremely high verified accuracy rate in her final test case readings done before the class and instructor. 

In 2000 Heidi received her First Degree Reiki  attunement and used her skills for healing and pain control. She later decided to finish her studies and became a Reiki Master in both Usui and Tibetan Reiki. She has since continued her studies, and has received reiki attunements for Akashic records, Kundalini, and Psychic Reiki.  She is an ordained minister, and offers animal blessings, working with St. Francis of Assisi. 

Heidi's desire to help her horse led her to attend a workshop in California.  During the workshop she discovered the depth of her abilities, and with encouragement and endorsements, became a professional animal communicator.   Since 2006 Heidi has traveled to Japan to make regular guest appearances on their hit TV show, 'Genius! Mr. Shimura's Animal Land'.   In 2009 she was invited to Korea and appeared on the SBS program 'Animal Farm', Dong Mul Nong Jang.  Heidi has also appeared on 'L.A. Ink' with Kat Von D on the TLC network, and also the Dr. Phil show.  In 2011 she traveled to Arizona and was filmed in a documentary about the team at www.FindMe2.com.  She has worked with clients from across the entire USA, in addition to international clients from Norway, Holland, Belgium, Canada, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia, Isle of Man, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, India, Wales, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Romania, Thailand, Korea, and Slovenia.

In 2007, while in Japan to tape segments for a TV show, Heidi climbed Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, to the same place where Mikao Usui learned about Reiki after 21 days of fasting and meditation.  She learned as much from this trek up the sacred mountain as she has from any other source, and has decided to start teaching reiki as well. 

Some people will call her an Animal Communicator, Animal Psychic, Pet Psychic, Medium, or Intuitive Reader. Heidi feels that it really does not matter what label you put on the work, what matters is the work itself.  Her hope is that if  people can love, understand, and respect animals just the way they are, that perhaps that tolerance will carry over to other areas of their lives, and they will be more tolerant of other people, and this will take us all one step closer to a peaceful world.

Heidi would love to help you connect with your animal friends to achieve understanding and communicate feelings.   While she welcomes testimonials and letters of recommendations, she will also maintain strict client confidentiality if you wish. 

She works to learn the motivation behind animal behavior, and can relate physical feelings the animal is having. While she is not a doctor or veterinarian, and will not diagnose illness, she will negotiate between human and animal to reach understanding and harmony in relationships.